Analyze, interpret and select artistic work for presentation.


Develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation.


Convey meaning through the presentation of artistic work.


Recognize one’s feelings and thoughts


Recognize the impact of one’s feelings and thoughts on one’s own behavior


Recognize one’s personal traits, strengths and limitations


Recognize the importance of self-confidence in handling daily tasks and challenges 

EU: An artists’ thoughts, feelings, strengths, and limitations affect the selection, interpretation and performance/presentation/production of artistic works.

EU: Artists develop personal processes to refine their work and recognize how their own feelings, thoughts, strengths, and challenges influence the manner in which artistic work is presented/performed.

EU: Artists build self-confidence through selecting/rehearsing/refining artistic works for performance/presentation/production.

EQ: How does the recognition of one’s feelings, thoughts, strengths and challenges impact the iterative process of preparing for a performance/presentation and inform the final product?

EQ: How do varying degrees of self-confidence affect the performance/presentation/production of artistic works?

illuminating the intersection between arts education and social emotional learning