Perceive and analyze artistic work.


Interpret intent and meaning in artistic work.


Apply criteria to evaluate artistic work.


Recognize one’s feelings and thoughts


Recognize the impact of one’s feelings and thoughts on one’s own behavior


Recognize one’s personal traits, strengths and limitations


Recognize the importance of self-confidence in handling daily tasks and challenges 

EU: The perception, analysis, and interpretation of artistic works uniquely influence one’s thoughts and feelings.

EU: Understanding an artist’s intent helps the viewer relate their own thoughts and feelings to artistic works.

EU: Awareness of ones’ thoughts and feelings, coupled with evaluation criteria, can help the viewer respond to artistic works more objectively.

EQ: How does the awareness of one’s thoughts and feelings influence how a viewer responds to artistic works? How can responding to artistic works inform one’s awareness of their thoughts and feelings?

EQ: Why is it important to have self-confidence when responding to artistic works?

illuminating the intersection between arts education and social emotional learning